About Us


It’s not about courses, we believe in helping people grow.

The Wine Education Group helps people learn about wine. It’s a simple aim, but we realise that our simple aim means that we help people in very different ways. For some, we help people grow in their interests. For others, we need to support their professional development and their drive for a successful career in wine. Because our clients are not simple people, helping people learn about wine means we are not all about courses, but all about helping you grow.

Our People

Michael Darby

Michael is Lead Educator for the Wine Education Group. He is a WSET Certified Educator, WSET Diploma graduate and is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers. With experience as a wine producer, sommelier and educator, Michael brings together a broad range of knowledge and experience. He is currently a student in the Institute of Masters of Wine program.

 Michael is a great educator and challenges you to think harder, and learn productively. If you are in the hospitality industry, I cannot recommend highly enough to participate in one of Micheal’s WSET programmes.

Luke Dawkins - Gin Gin

Anna Lau

Anna is our program manager and examinations officer. She has ten years experience in teaching and teacher education, with a hands-on role in the development of our student programs.